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We offer commercial and residential tree services in Granger, Indiana.

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There are many ways we can help different business owners in the U.S. with their tree management needs.  Heres are a few ways our teams can help with the premium, reliable services we offer.

Tree Removal

Granger's tree removal services are unmatched by our knowledgeable and devoted specialists. Our workers have had comprehensive training in tree removal and can reliably accomplish any tree cutting job, be it small or large. Our personnel is equipped with the newest machinery and apparatus to do the job up to its ultimate potential. We solely trust the best materials available, and our team is skillful and has amassed a thorough understanding of all elements of the task.

Tree Maintenance

In Granger, Indiana, our tree trimming services are unrivaled in reliability. Our expert personnel are devoted to giving every client the utmost quality of care and attention. Our specialists recognize the importance of keeping up with tree care for a captivating landscape. In addition, trees offer multiple advantages, from providing shade to decreasing energy costs, purifying air, and adding to property value.

Tree Trimming

Granger Tree Service in Indiana offers a wide range of tree trimming services. Their team of experienced experts will make sure your trees are given the utmost attention and precision when being trimmed. Our crew is incredibly experienced in tree pruning, and we take satisfaction in our labor. We recognize that tree trimming is an intricate art that necessitates a great amount of skill and competence, and we aim to deliver our customers with the premier quality of service.


For matters concerning tree-removal services, we offer a comprehensive resolution to any task. Our seasoned experts are well-versed in what they do, assuring the job is accomplished correctly. We recognize the value of keeping the environment unharmed and take all necessary steps to make sure that all forestry activities are undertaken with due consideration. We pledge to manage forests responsibly and acknowledge that cutting down trees can have an immense effect on the environment. Consequently, we attempt to reduce the repercussions of our endeavors on the planet, and we draw on renewable resources and components whenever achievable.

Tree Root Removal

If you had a tree removed from your property in Edwardsburg, Michigan, we can attend to any lingering roots that could be causing a disruption to your lawn or sidewalk aesthetics. Additionally, these roots may be a nuisance while mowing or simply taking a walk. Tree roots can be a definite problem, specially when they expand near the top of the earth's surface. This can upset the levelness of your grass, making it tough to trim the grass or traverse over it. Weeds can also cause destruction to your turf, roots, and dirt. Furthermore, they can invade your lawn, suffocating the grass and making it hard to preserve.

Tree Stump Removal

We guarantee the most dependable and economical tree stump removal assistance in Edwardsburg. Our services are incomparable to others in the region, and we take great pride in our labor. We are aware of the necessity for speed and accuracy when it comes to tree stump removal. Therefore, we utilize the most cutting-edge tools and methods to guarantee a job done efficiently and perfectly from the initial attempt. Our team is proud of our work and aims to provide the greatest possible service. Our staff of specialists are extremely knowledgeable and extensively trained in modern methods and technologies, so you can have trust that your task is in capable hands. At our organization, we are proud to be forward-thinking and informed on the newest trends and evolutions in the field.

Storm Damaged Tree Removal

For a reputable, experienced, locally-based land-clearing operation in Edwardsburg, Michigan, Bad Company Tree Service is the answer. Our family owned enterprises have been servicing this area for over eight years. Our knowledgeable specialists prioritize giving our patrons top-notch amenities. We are adept at performing land-clearing operations including tree extermination, stump grinding, and more. Our skilled staff are devoted to giving the finest conceivable service to our patrons. We implement state-of-the-art techniques and apparatus to make sure our offerings are performed with superb quality.

Emergency Tree Services

Did a tree crash on your land, so professional help is needed for its extraction and clean up? We specialize in tree removal and neatening procedures, so you can guarantee that your location will be well cared for. Our knowledgeable specialists have the equipment and skill to proficiently and safely remove any trees caused by a storm or other natural event. We comprehend that toppled trees can be a tremendous bother and a danger to your home and family's well-being. Not only can they result in damage to your house, but they can also be a major impediment to your everyday operations.

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